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Sir na name Anusha.. Chala avamanalu yedhurkunnanu.. Telini ibbandi padutunnanu.. Sir naa name kuda anusha sir meru cheppindi motha naa life jaruguthundu sir nenu manchi cheyakanukunte chedu eduravuthundi apudu cheyani thappulo erukkupotha sir.


Maa Sister peru Anusha. Meeru cheppina oka problem kuda ledu.. Antha dabbu kosam.. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here.

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Next 2 Personal Year. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. You may also like. My Numerology Universal Global Number. He cannot keep a permanent stable relationship with anybody.

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His life is full of helplessness but independence. Even in severe adversities he will not leave optimism. If he is employed he has a special talent of pocketing his superiors. He starts earning his bread at quite a young age say about 17 or 18 years. Life between the period of years of age will be full of problems. When we say full of problems, it does not mean that there won't be a single good phase in between the above-mentioned period.

Occasional benefits and favorable results will be definitely noticed.

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His life after the age of 48 years will be extremely good. It is in this period he can settle down in his life as per his desires and break free from most of the miseries of life. If Moon is in the company of Mars, he may be a person dealing with drugs and chemicals or a doctor. Family life: No benefit will be derived from the co-born under any circumstances.

He cannot enjoy or derive any benefit from his father. In some cases, frequent friction with his father has also been noticed.

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Same way there is no luck of receiving love and affection from the mother also. Normally, he settles down away from the place of his birth.

Meaning of Indian name: Anusha

Even though several adverse results have been commented above, one of the favorable points is that his married life will be completely satisfactory. His spouse will have all the qualities of a good housewife. As is the god's gift, he always looks back at his own life while dealing with his own children. He likes to provide his children with all the necessities of life at any cost and showers them with his love and affection.

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Hence, his children reach a higher position, much more than that of the native. Health: His health will generally be good. He will be prone to asthmatic attack, dental problems, cough and cold, constipation and sore throat. Due to his careless nature for his own health he does not take medicines properly.

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In the Anuradha native, in addition to her attractive face and beautiful body her beautiful waist further attracts the opposite sex. Anuradha Female Characteristics and general events: There is no room for arrogance in her life. She is pure hearted.

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She does not believe in leading a fashionable life as she prefers to lead a simple life. She has a selfless, agreeable and attractive disposition.

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Anusha name astrology

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