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Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, and this planet represents restrictions of all kinds. Its influence makes these people practical and responsible, but also cold, distant and unforgiving, prone to the feeling of guilt and turned to the past. They need to learn to forgive in order to make their own life lighter and more positive.

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Capricorn — the Goat of Fear A goat with the tail of a fish is created to face fear and create panic. It is the sign of decisions made to be protected from monsters in our minds, lives, and immediate physical surrounding. Always ready to transform into something that scares those scary things off, Capricorn speaks of each natural chain reaction of fear, where one scary thing leads to many others, rising up as defensive mechanisms that only make things worse. Immersed in their secrecy, they face the world just as they are — brave enough to never run away, but constantly afraid of their inner monsters.

An Jules Verne novel predicted electric street lighting, the internet, fax machines and feminism. It was deemed too unbelievable to publish. Some of the simplest moves to help the world have become big over time, showing you that there are ways to affect Continue to Capricorn Weeky Horoscope Capricorn Horoscope: This Month Oct You have reached some important goals, but this made you vulnerable in the eyes of the future, as you are no longer sure which path to follow and need to dig deep enough for inspiration.

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Love should be your fuel, Continue to Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Capricorn Love and Sex It is not easy to win over the attention and the heart of a Capricorn, but once their walls break and their heart melts they stay committed for a lifetime. Shown sensitivity comes through acts rather than words, and years are often needed for them to open enough to chat about their actual emotional problems.

Turned to their personal goals, whatever they might be, Capricorns can lack compassion and emotion when relating to their loved ones. Capricorn might be a stiff Earth sign, set in their way, but this makes them a perfect match for certain signs of the zodiac and checking them with a below:.

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They will not collect too many friends in this lifetime, but turn to those who make them feel at peace, intelligent and honest at all times. Family — This is a sign with full understanding for family traditions. Capricorns feel connected to every single thing from their past and their childhood, and loves bringing out these memories whenever a season of holidays or birthdays is near. This is a sign of a typical conflict one has over dominance in their household, with their father being and extremely important figure in the way this person built their self-image over the years.

As parents they tend to be strict but fair, readily taking on responsibilities that come with a child.

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Capricorns will set high standards for themselves, but their honesty, dedication and perseverance will lead them to their goals. There is not a day I start without reading my Horoscope or checking my Tarot cards. They give me encouragement and motivate me, and give me insights into who I am and how I can improve my current situations.

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  5. Normally I am very sceptical of horoscopes and tarot cards, but your readings are overwhelmingly accurate. Thanks for all the insight!

    The accuracy is spot on, even scary sometimes, like " how does she do it? You can't beat this, and it's free! All rights reserved. Privacy policy and terms of use. Star Signs Welcome to Horoscope Dates! Aries Mar 20 — Apr Taurus Apr 20 — May Gemini May 21 — Jun Cancer Jun 21 — Jul Leo Jul 23 — Aug Virgo Aug 23 — Sep Libra Sep 23 — Oct Below are the approximate dates the Sun moves through each sign of the Tropical Zodiac.

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    The sidereal star zodiac begins its yearly cycle when the sun aligns with the constellation of Aries. Then, like the tropical zodiac, divides the ecliptic into 12 equal sections of 30 degrees each. Below are the approximate dates the Sun moves through each sign of the sidereal zodiac.

    Ophiuchus Thirteenth Sign, New Zodiac Sign and Effects on Other Sings

    Ophiuchus , the serpent Bearer, is a large group of bright stars that can be seen in the dark sky of the northern hemisphere from June through October. Astrologers who use the Tropical Zodiac believe the mythology of the surrounding constellations are an important part of the nature of the sign.

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    So, Ophiuchus is certainly not irrelevant. It's just not an astrological sign. In Greek myth, Ophiuchus was placed in the sky by Zeus to honor Aesculapius. Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine, had been taught the healing arts by Chiron. His rod, entwined by a snake, is today the official insignia of the American Medical Association.

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    new horoscope sign dates New horoscope sign dates
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