In laws house in astrology

The Ninth House: The House of Philosophy

The hidden, shocking, scandalous, deceptive and unexpected events in life, the pain or fear in life of losing someone teachs us to strengthen our emotions. This house is of liberation moksha from pain of emotions related to others. This is house of maturity of mind, until we do not overcome our fear and crisis of life we cannot grow further in life. We must face 8th house issues with dignity and move forward to the higher learning of life 9th House.

People those who have planets in 8th house makes them interest in mystic subjects like, tarot cards, numerologist, psychologist, researcher, shamans, and can be good astrologer. These people suffer in their life they can understand others pain easily, they can be good healers, in sex or in anything. These people are often interested in spiritual life also because they suffer in life, therefore they are inclined towards spirituality. They want to know what is the truth of life.

The effects of planets in the eighth house: Sun in 8th house: Those people who have Sun in the eighth house shows interest in occult knowledge, and understanding the psychology of others in general.

How to Deal With In-laws Problem in Marriage Through Astrology

The relationship with father is little bit fearful and not open. Moon in 8th house: Those people who have Moon in the eighth house shows lot of psychological fears in the mind. Sudden and unexpected losses are often feel in the native life and they suffer mentally. The relationship with the mother is turbulent emotionally or not good.

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These people interested in the occult science and spirituality. Mars in 8th house: Those people who have Mars in the eighth house shows some disturbance in life, if it is not in own sign Scorpio. The person is very passionate and sexual but they must be very careful with this placement and learn to slow down. These people invest their energy into strengthening their emotional weakness in life.

Warm Regards. To see your future earning prospect you need to bring two charts under consideration.

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Rashi Chart or Natal Chart and 2. Hora Chart Or D Hora chart is the chart to check how much money you will be accumulating throughout the whole life, your bank balance etc. Second house of the Rashi chart or D-1 is also an important house to get an overall wealth status. But, over here your main question is about earning, so here 11th house will play its main role, beside the above mentioned houses.

See which dasa you are running now, mahadasa and antardasa. I am talking about vimsottori mahadasa and antardasa here, and then see — is there any connection of that mahadasa or antardsa lord with above mentioned money giving houses in your horoscope. The next step would be to judge the transit of same planets. Lagna or ascendant represents your physical existence and Moon represents your mental existence.

It may happen sometimes you are working very heard than ever before but actually not getting the satisfactory earning proportionate to hard work. All these things you will come to know if you judge your horoscope step by step how I have told you. Your D and the 10th house of rashi chart will also come into the picture. Another very important part I must include here, without which it is just impossible to get any yearly or monthly picture of your wealth, career, marriage, health etc whatever it could be.

Your whole year will be mainly controlled by that planet only. I hope this much will be helpful for you, after following the above procedure still if you face any problem to get your answer, just let me know I will obviously guide you further. Ancient texts on Indian Astrology mention some important combinations which lead to disappointment in the married life. This is the matter of two charts Rashi Chart and D After that match the marriage age of both of you, here you can take help of palmistry also if you are new in astrology. To know more about how to find marriage age from horoscope or palm just read my another two articles — Marriage age in palmistry and Timing of marriage in horoscope.

Both articles will help you. Then read the answer of this comment on Love Marriage Matter. After judging all these please share with me what is the result you are getting from both of your horoscopes, I will obviously guide again. To know more about how to find marriage age from horoscope or palm just read my another two articles — Marriage age in palmistryand Timing of marriage in horoscope.

In free consultation — Dr. Bhattacharjee only can educate you. You — yourself have to do the rest of the things. Almost I have discussed many things on divorce in this article.

Astrology Houses 11 & 12 Decide Your Fate & Fortunes

Try to match both of your horoscope accordingly, especially look at both of your 7th, 8th, 12th, houses of natal charts and navamsa or D-9 too. See, divorce mainly happen due to the involvement of 8th house and its related planets in marital houses. Here related planets means —. If 8th house lord in placed in marital houses or vice versa. Saturn is one of them. Read the above article carefully you will understand about those planets clearly, that how they influence divorce or separation.

Rahu also come under the same category, as far as the divorce is concern. Another aspect is very important to see that the strength of 7th house and lord in both navamsa or D If it is weak and in both the chart so the situation will become really worse. Like this you have to judge. Now, your child would be there with you or not!

I never have written any article on that, later obviously I will, but one clue i can give you for the time being. Moon and Sun will come also under consideration here. Divisional charts will play a very important role here. D is the chart what can unfold the mystery finally that whether your child would be with you or with your husband if divorce happen. See the 7th house and lord and the 5th house lord in both of your charts.

Suppose, if in both of your natal chart it is clearly indicating love marriage see the relationship between 7th house and lord, 1st house and lord and 5th house and lord but in the D-9 or Navamsa chart the love marriage is not showing so the marriage is not possible.

Supportive Mother-in-Law - Modern mother in law- Scared to meet my mother-in-law -Part 5

The reason of separation could be known from the 5th lord too. If yes so it could be a challenge.

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Are they same? The last thing is you have to check compatibility. Do you know why? Nowadays life has become very complex, it is not simple like before. I will obviously talk about that later in my future article. This is very important to see whether both of you are compatible or not for each other to reveal the mystery that whether both of you are made for each other or not. If yes, nobody can separate you. If no, nobody can make you live together. Seeking advice for my marriage. Going through really bad phase right now.

Will my marriage result in divorce or separation? Will my kids be with me? In this article I have already discussed about divorce and the related yogas or combinations, but remember do not forget to judge Navamsa at all, because to judge marital relationship that is the prime chart, without that chart you can not come to any conclusion. Further, you have asked about your kids, whether they would be with you or not.

This is also a big issue.

in laws house in astrology In laws house in astrology
in laws house in astrology In laws house in astrology
in laws house in astrology In laws house in astrology
in laws house in astrology In laws house in astrology
in laws house in astrology In laws house in astrology

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