21 february birthday horoscope in hindi

What's your real zodiac sign? Mini Singhal was born on October 29, That makes her, according to the western zodiac system, a Scorpio - a sign she likes because astrologer and bestselling author Linda Goodman says such women have "a deep, mysterious beauty, are magnetic, proud and totally confident.

She might just have a bad surprise in store, something that may even lead to an identity crisis of sorts. What if she's told that like numerous others she hasn't been following the right star sign all her life and that she is indeed a Virgo, that Goodman in reality hasn't been all that good to her? The theory is that when it was developed by the Babylonians in BCE they missed out on a crucial bit of information which became apparent to mankind only later with further advances in science.

But the signs were never recalibrated. So, what's your real, real sun sign? And does it change who you are? There are some who can't be bothered to find out. It doesn't matter to them where the sun, moon and the planets were when they were born because, in any case, these heavenly bodies are thousands of kilometres away, too far to affect them on earth.

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But for those who hold the tiny dots of light in the sky responsible for everything - from not finding a suitable NRI groom to premature greying of hair - a possible answer to this question would lie in understanding how the signs have changed over a couple of thousand years. Western astrology believes in 12 constellations of 30 degrees each which make up degrees of the zodiac or the apparent path of the sun across the sky as observed from the earth. While it was first developed by the Babylonians, it was the Greeks who improvised on it and laid the foundation of modern western astrology.

According to the system, the sun is hosted by each of these 12 star clusters between certain days of the year. For instance, it shines bright amongst the nine stars that make up constellation Virgo from August 23 to September If you are born between these dates your sun sign is Virgo and you supposedly have a set of characteristics typical to your sign - love for perfection,in this case, is one of the most celebrated and bragged about. But here's the twist in the tale.

The ancient Babylonians were smart enough to map the twinkling constellations and the movement of the sun in and out of them, but they were yet to figure out the concept of 'precession'. To put it simply, it refers to the change in the direction of the earth's rotational axis in relation to fixed stars.

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  8. This change occurs because the earth not just rotates on its axis but also wobbles - like a spinning top. Famous Persons born on February 21st are listed bellow. Our experienced astrologers will carefully analyze your profile and provide astrological solutions.. Price INR Rs. Moon Phase Now. Moon Age Today is Transit now. Meet Our Astrologer. Meet our astrologers face to face in our Kolkata Office. Social Network.

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    21 february birthday horoscope in hindi
    21 february birthday horoscope in hindi
    21 february birthday horoscope in hindi
    21 february birthday horoscope in hindi
    21 february birthday horoscope in hindi
    21 february birthday horoscope in hindi
    21 february birthday horoscope in hindi
    21 february birthday horoscope in hindi
    21 february birthday horoscope in hindi

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