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The second of the Cadent houses it is ruled by Mercury, the natural ruler of servants. Mars, the lesser malefic has its joy here; this is only natural since he is the ruler of surgery.

William Lilly The Last Magician

The lower part of the belly and smaller intestine, liver and kidneys are here. The Seventh House. And so we come to the West Angle, the House of Marriage where most of us horary astrologers seem to spend our time. It is ruled by the Moon, She is the partner of the Sun and it is only right that She be in house which reflects where He rises in the East. In opposition to the Ascendant it is the house of open enemies, sweethearts and husbands, partners in your endeavors, the doctor who is treating you and the astrologer who is giving you a reading and anybody else, it is where you find the thief, and the other team in sport questions.

In the body it rules from the navel to the top of the legs, including the buttocks, lower intestines, bladder, womb, and reproductive organs. The Eighth House The Eighth, the house of death ruled by Saturn as we once again come full circle and he who rules our entrance into this world should also rule our exit out of it.

It holds the genitals, bladder, and organs of excretion in general. Deus, the House of God. The ninth is the house of Jupiter. Jupiter is seen as the bridge between the human to the Divine, and the Sun, who is the visible symbol of the Divine, joys in this house. It is the house of long journeys and special trips, the place of religion and the religious, the learned and the wise, prophetic dreams and our knowledge. The buttocks, hips and thighs are found here. The place of rulers and leaders, presidents and bosses and is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, it is the place of the judge in a court case and the Profit from both our knowledge and our journeys.

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It rules the knees to the shins. By far the happiest house in the chart is the eleventh. It is the House of Good Fortune and friends, the most fortunate of all the houses. It is ruled by the Sun and where Jupiter joys. Being the resources of the tenth it is where you find the gifts from God, Pennies from heaven, of good undeserved abundance, where your dreams and secret wishes are. A big lotto win — the gift of the King, anatomically it holds the legs, knees to the ankles.

So we come to the last of the houses and also the most unfortunate, the twelfth is the House of Bad Fortune and Enemies, ruled by Venus where all the hedonism of the 5th turns to addiction and sin, and where Saturn, the author of mischief, according to Lilly, finds its joy. Also the place of big animals and the places where you find yourself incarcerated for the consequences of your sins, prison and rehab. It is the place of secret enemies, spies, witches and witchcraft.

This quick tour of the houses shows us that there is a natural sequence from house to house; all has its place in time and space. The chart, like the world it represents in miniature, seems chaotic and random at first glance but is revealed to all who take the time to look. Name not required. William Lilly 1 May O.

Lilly was particularly adept at interpreting the astrological charts drawn up for horary questions, as this was his speciality. Lilly caused much controversy in for allegedly predicting the Great Fire of London some 14 years before it happened.


The Biography of William Lilly

For this reason many people believed that he might have started the fire, but there is no evidence to support these claims. He was tried for the offence in Parliament but was found to be innocent. William Lilly was born in in Diseworth, Leicestershire, where his family were long-established yeomen. He received a basic classical education at the school of Ashby-de-la-Zouch, but makes a point of saying that his master never taught logic.

At the age of seventeen, his father having fallen into poverty, he went to London and was employed in attendance on an elderly couple. He began to dabble in astrology, reading all the books on the subject he could fall in with, and occasionally trying his hand at unravelling mysteries by means of his art. Sute in Lombard-Street, Mr. Gouge of Black-Fryars, Dr.

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  5. Micklethwait of the Temple, Dr. Oldsworth, with others, the most learned men of these times, and leaned in judgment to Puritanism.

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    In October, , I was made free of the Salters' company in London. The same week after we went to see Mr. When we came to his house, he, having been drunk the night before, was upon his bed, if it be lawful to call that a bed whereon he then lay; he roused up himself, and, after some compliments, he was content to instruct me in astrology; I attended his best opportunities for seven or eight weeks, in which time I could set a figure perfectly: books he had not any, except Haly de judiciis Astrorum , and Orriganus's Ephemerides ; so that as often as I entered his house, I thought I was in the wilderness.

    Two of his actions I will relate, as to me delivered. Evans applies himself to the invocation of the angel Salmon, of the nature of Mars, reads his Litany in the Common-Prayer-Book every day, at select hours, wears his surplice, lives orderly all that time; at the fortnight's end Salmon appeared, and having received his commands what to do, in a small time returns with the very deed desired, lays it down gently upon a table where a white cloth was spread, and then, being dismissed, vanished.

    The second story followeth. Some time before I became acquainted with him, he then living in the Minories, was desired by the Lord Bothwell and Sir Kenelm Digby to show them a spirit. He promised so to do: the time came, and they were all in the body of the circle, when lo, upon a sudden, after some time of invocation, Evans was taken from out the room, and carried into the field near Battersea Causeway, close to the Thames.

    Next morning a countryman going by to his labour, and espying a man in black cloaths, came unto him and awaked him, and asked him how he came there? Sir Kenelm Digby and the Lord Bothwell went home without any harm, and came next day to hear what was become of him; just as they, in the afternoon, came into the house, a messenger came from Evans to his wife, to come to him at Battersea. I enquired upon what account the spirit carried him away: who said, he had not, at the time of invocation, made any suffumigation, at which the spirits were vexed.

    It happened, that after I discerned what astrology was, I went weekly into Little Britain, and bought many books of astrology, not acquainting Evans therewith. The occasion of our falling out was thus: a woman demanded the resolution of a question, which when he had done, she went her way; I standing by all the while, and observing the figure, asked him why he gave the judgment he did, since the signification shewed quite the contrary, and gave him my reasons; which when he had pondered, he called me boy, and must he be contradicted by such a novice!

    But when his heat was over, he said, had he not so judged to please the woman, she would have given him nothing, and he had a wife and family to provide for; upon this we never came together after.

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    Astrology in this time, viz. Let it not repent you O noble Esquire if now I make a short digression of such persons as then professed astrology, that posterity may understand in what condition I found it, and in whose hands that little that remained was lodged. There lived then in Houndsditch one Alexander Hart, who had been a soldier formerly, a comely old man, of good aspect; he professed questionary astrology, and a little of physick; his greatest skill was to elect young gentlemen fit times to play at dice, that they might win or get money.

    I went unto him for resolutions for three questions at several times, and he erred in every one. At last, after many delays, and no spirit appearing, or money returned, the young man indicts him for a cheat at the Old Bailey in London; the Jury found the bill, and at the hearing of the cause this jest happened: some of the bench enquired what Hart did? It was my fortune, upon the sale of his books in , to buy Argoll's Primum Mobile for fourteen shillings, which I only wanted.

    10 Most Influential Astrologers In World History -- Great Astrologers in History

    In Lambeth Marsh at the same time lived one Captain Bubb, who resolved horary questions astrologically; a proper handsome man, well spoken, but withal covetous, and of no honesty, as will appear by this story, for which he stood upon the pillory. A certain butcher was robbed, going to a fair, of forty pounds; he goes to Bubb, who for ten pounds in hand paid, would help him to the thief; appoints the butcher such a night precisely, to watch at such a place, and the thief should come thither; commanded him by any means to stop him; the butcher attends according to direction.

    Bubb; for which the Captain was indicted and suffered upon the pillory, and afterwards ended his days in great disgrace. When I had perused the first forty, I corrected thirty of them, would read over no more: I showed him how erroneous they were, desired his emendation of the rest, which he performed not. These were afterwards, in R. Saunders's custody, bought by him either of his son or of a stationer.

    But first offered to be sold to me for twenty shillings. When Mr. Saunders died I bought them of his son for less. One Sir Thomas Jay, a Justice of the Peace in Rosemary-Lane, issued out his warrant for the apprehension of Poole, upon a pretended suggestion, that he was in company with some lewd people in a tavern, where a silver cup was lost, Anglice stolen. George's Church in Southwark. Lilly gave her to him. He died about , or , at St. Mary Overy's in Southwark; and this was part of his last will.

    Ardee all my books, and one manuscript of my own, worth one hundred of Lilly's Introduction. Ardee give my wife any thing that is mine, I wish the devil may fetch him body and soul.

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    Now also lived this Dr. He had formerly been well acquainted with Charles Sledd, 4 an apothecary, who used the crystal, and had a very perfect sight. This Dr.

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