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May 24, by zenca3. They have been corrected on the Rat to Pig website , so please refer to the actual site to get the correct horoscopes for the day. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I have many senior moments and this might not be the last. Please click for the forecasts for May 25 and May Posted in A mutual understanding between you and your associates will be a big asset to your success. Better save money for unexpected expenses in the coming weeks. Enough with the routine — you want to try something new! Your mood is infectious, and your sweetheart is more than willing to go along with this agenda.

Keep up your health by going on a fitness program to renew your vitality. Casual dating my blossom into a long-term relationship. A short trip to an offbeat destination may provide you with unexpected adventure. Nobody will be able to resist your charm and your sense of humor. Make a judicious choice between those of your acquaintances who bring you happiness and those who only cause you problems. Beware of your present tendency to adopt new ideas only to stand apart from others. Be careful in doing sport or practicing any kind of exercise: your bones will be weak, especially your knees; some insomnia.

Watch your safety during outdoor activities.

Try to avoid any hasty climb and walk alone in the quite streets and dark corners at night. Your friendships should be a little on the emotional side as you reminisce over sweet memories of days past.

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Avoid any high impact activities, as your joints are susceptible to injuries at this time. You might encounter multiple problems in relation with real estate. Discuss with your spouse, tackle all subjects, even if you find it difficult to keep your cool. Be vigilant on the professional plane. Increased risks of inflammation of the genito-urinary system.

Exceptionally propitious day for your career. Your state of health may improve in a very sensible way. Your nearest and dearest will need your counsel, which is wise and extremely useful. People view you as peaceful, freedom loving and harmonious. You have talent with music and could be famous through creative endeavors. Food, wine and sex get you going in the right direction.

You are intelligent but watch out for a tendency to be misunderstood.

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You despise dishonesty and hypocrisy. If you make a mistake, you will be your very own worst critic.

You can let guilt creep in and cause you sorrow. Avoid any tendency to be hypersensitive and self-indulgent as this will backfire. You are a great lover and you tend to put your lover on a pedestal. You tend to see relationships as how you want them to be rather than how they actually are. Little things tend to make your heart beat faster, such as flowers, gifts and simple kind gestures from others.

You also love food and can truly appreciate a good meal. Your warm heart and love of family make you an excellent spouse. You tend to attract a specific type repeatedly in romance. They are also blessed with a strong sense of honor and dignity. Dogs make great friends and ideal lovers. They will shower the object of their affection with gifts and lavish displays of attention. Dogs are warm, humane and will fight for justice at any cost. The Chinese zodiac's symbol of justice, Dogs have a keen perception of right and wrong, and tend to root for the underdog.

On the flipside, they can also be cynical, pessimistic and distrustful. Dogs work best with a partner at their side. When a Dog falls in love, it usually lasts forever. They will sexually pursue whomever they want, regardless of the obstacles. Despite their amazing talent in the love and sex department, they can get very neurotic in love and tend to stress out their partner. Roosters are observers with logical solutions to every problem Roosters are smooth talkers who want to be in the know at all times.

Very straightforward, you say what's on your mind and always keep your word. You tend to be very private and hide your feelings when you have found love. Avoid this tendency at all costs. Though you can be critical at times, you are a warm person at heart. Some people maintain that you can be tough to live and work with. You secretly desire stability, sentiment and lots of tender loving care. When you find the right person, you will reciprocate with acts of kindness in return.

You will attract a trusting partner who will bend over backward to please you. You could marry in your later years. Monkeys are intelligent and the biggest party animals.

Persons born under the Monkey can expect to be famous at some point in their life. Happiest when in the public eye, charming beyond words, Monkeys love to entertain and will constantly surprise their closest friends and family members.

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A happy pessimist, Monkeys are quite adaptable and desire affection and attention at all times. Monkeys are also very concerned with their physical appearance. They will take great pride in their clothes and tend to be very well groomed. Female and male monkeys will tend to be obsessed with their hair. They will always find a way to pursue pleasure come hell or high water.

They need to be aware that arrogance on their part will interfere with success. They are fun, exciting, and sensual partners. This is someone whose curiosity about everything sometimes results in revolving doors with their romantic relationships. Gifted at seduction, Monkeys can break hearts without guilt. When you do find a lover you are happy with, you will idolize, adore and remain loyal forever. No Monkey business here!

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The Sheep symbolizes prosperity and comfort in Chinese culture and history. The Sheep is the peaceful artist, the poet and the diplomat. You are an ideal lover because you indulge your partners every fantasy and remain faithful to those you cherish.

asiaone dragon horoscope Asiaone dragon horoscope
asiaone dragon horoscope Asiaone dragon horoscope
asiaone dragon horoscope Asiaone dragon horoscope
asiaone dragon horoscope Asiaone dragon horoscope
asiaone dragon horoscope Asiaone dragon horoscope

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